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This is my first time to participate in funruns. My brother and I took advantage of the event held here in our province Malinao, Albay to be able to enjoy the experience and help as well. While on a vacation, we were invited to join the project to be able to raise fund to support the tree-planting project to be held in July, also to be able to save the mountains of Malinao. For us first-timers, we chose to do a 3K run. it was NEVER easy. But getting to finish the run you started is worth the pains in the legs and the short of breath. It was so fun I am definitely gonna do it again! Here are some pictures.










A Happy Birthday Post for My Sister from Another Mister

Today, 3rd of January, is actually a special event for me. It’s because aside from it’s the 3rd day of first month of the year, it’s my sister’s birthday. My sister from another mister. ūüôā and because it’s her special day, let me just give you guys some hint about who she is. Because, I think I kinda know her better than other of her friends do (Aside from our other sister, Cha, of course). So here, THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY MA. GILDA CARTAGENA DANGAN IS AWESOME

10. She is a pure Kabitenya.
9. Meaning, you can’t mess with her.
8. And since you can’t mess with her and we’re her friends, you can’t mess with us too. ūüôā
7. She speaks her mind. whether you’re ugly, or pretty, or you look like some awful monster, or she doesn’t like you at all, she’ll say it.
6. Meaning, she’s harsh. Especially to us her friends. She’d tell if you’re already messing around or becoming too foolish about something. Sometimes, she gets into my nerves. But at the end of the day, you’ll realize she’s right.
5.HER STYLES. She’s a model, a stylist, and she really knows what she’s doing in that kind of field.
4. Despite her being a model, she’s still sassy. Jologs, you guys might not believe, but she uses this term I quote, “Plastic-labo.” She’s such a diva!
3. She knows what she wants. She won’t settle to something that’s safe. She’ll definitely go beyond her limits.
2. She won’t leave you alone. EVER. Whether you still want her beside you or not, as long as she knows you need someone to be there for you, She’ll stand by you.
1. And lastly, Simply because she is my sister. and I will always be proud of that.

Dear Sis,

I might not be telling this all the time (though I think I do), but I love you. Everytime I think of how far we’ve been through as bestfriends, I always feel blessed. I am blessed to have you and Cha. And whether you like it or not, I will always be beside you. I’m always here for you. Happy Birthday! I love you! And Please Style me!

Jill ‚̧

used my blackberry on this post.


I can still vividly remember when I asked my students – during our English class – to make a story and a title page of their own book. They actually enjoyed creating such wonderful pieces of literature, but I never imagined that the lesson would inspire a student to aspire to be a good author one day. I can still remember how he came to me and told me “Miss, when I grow up, I will write many books. You will be my publisher, and I will call my bookstore Ms. Jill’s bookstore.” Sweet isn’t it? One of the many priceless rewards a teacher can ever get from her student. But that does not end there, earlier, he again approached me and gave me this piece of paper where a simple story is written. I asked him if he created it on his own, or if he had read this somewhere. And with his answer, I can assume that he had at least adapted this certain story from another. I am indeed proud to say that a grade 3 student is able to create a story entitled “Things aren’t seen as they seem to be.”

note: I copied exactly what he wrote so as to respect what he created. So if there are some grammatical errors that you might see, I AM NOT POSTING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF LOOKING AT THE GRAMMAR. I am trying to tell you that kids nowadays are smart and creative, and that we can learn a lot from them. ENJOY READING!


One day, two angels was looking for a place they could shelter in for the night. They came to a very greedy family that told them to stay at the basement for the night. There was a hole in the basement wall. The two angels fixed the wall. The young angel asked “why did we help them?” The older angel said “things aren’t seen as they seem to be.”

Next day, they found an old couple. They shared everything they got. They offered them to sleep in a room. Next day, their cow died. The older angel seemed happy. The younger angel asked “Why are you so happy?” His brother said, “Things aren’t seen as they seem to be. There was a block of gold in the wall last night. We fixed it so they won’t see it. So the greedy family wouldn’t see it in the basement.”¬†“Last night the angel of death came for the old couple. I gave it the cow instead.” The old angel said.

When the young angel was old enough, he send miracles into the world. His favorite sentence was: “Things aren’t seen as they seem to be.

(written/adapted by: Dave, A grade 3 student)

Children are born intelligent. And it is our duty, as adult, to help them build and develop such¬†intelligence. It isn’t true that we cannot learn from them, because we can learn a lot from them.


"The Story"

you have to give me this shot

I finished Bachelor of Secondary Education; meaning, I am trained to teach the higher level. But then, due to some inevitable concerns, I end up handling the lower level – much, much lower. I am handling gradeschoolers, grade 3 in particular.


Right now, I am still in the process of adjusting – trying to accept that I ain’t handling the level I am used to handling, and trying to loosen up for this little kiddos. But the question here is, what makes me love this cutie little creatures? I expected teaching them would be hard, but I never expected that it would be THIS hard. But all the¬†efforts were worth it. Why? let me see..


Q: What makes me love my fate as Grade 3 teacher?

  • ¬†The big smiles and all the “hi ms. Jill” with great, great conviction whenever they see me somewhere inside the campus.
  • All these never-ending question that they ask me over and over and over and over again.
  • Those kids who come to me in front just to ask whatever they want, but the truth is, they just want me to know that they are there.
  • Those whom I catch passing papers where “wag mong bati si ano, pasa mo sa kabila” are written.
  • Those who ask me to put towels on their backs whenever they sweat.
  • All those fearless opinions I will never ever hear from high school students.
  • and ah, finally, the most appreciative kiddos I have ever encountered. Nothing can ever beat that.
And therefore, I can say, I am loving my fate. I love my job. It’s never easy but I won’t choose any other jobs over this. This job rocks!

I cut my hair short

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I got the hair that I’ve been dreaming to have for a long time.

Having my sister as a witness to this amazing experience (she’s the one with me in the 3rd photo), we headed to this awesome salon and just asked the stylist to cut my hair all off and make it extremely short! I am beyond happy with the result!

It takes nothing but courage and drive for girls to be able to take a risk like this.

Well, never did I take it as risk coz whatever the result was, I’m still happy I’m able to get and have what I’ve been wanting to have.

I ain’t ordinary; Only because I am I.

jill b.

Japan quake: A wake-up call

Today, 11th of March 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit several cities of Japan which has led to massive 13-foot tsunami waves. This was being considered as one of the strongest earthquakes recorded, it has destroyed lots of properties and lives in Japan. After this horrible disaster, 20 countries have received tsunami alerts including the Philippines amid the Japan quake.

If we are all aware of what is currently happening to our country – which I hope everyone is actually aware – the Japan quake isn’t just the disaster experienced this year alone. Tensions in different parts of the world – Libya, Egypt, Saudi, and other countries in middle east, Earthquakes in different countries such as New Zealand, China, Chile, etc and other unusual happenings no one can actually explain why.

Scientifically, such natural disasters can be the effect of the so-called global warning; wherein human activities cause the world to be in danger that lead to natural disasters. But what about the tensions? All the violence that happens almost everywhere? In this case, I believe that all these isn’t just a “co-incidence,” these may not be all, I believe that God has a message through this all. He wants us to keep our faith to Him as He keeps His faithfulness to us. We should always be ready whatever happens. and never forget to hold on to God, and keep Jesus Christ in our hearts. He wants us to know that we have Him and no one else to save us and heal us and protect us.

God Heals. God saves. God protects.

God will never leave nor forsake us.

God is our refuge.

“ASK and it shall be given to you” – Matthew 7:7

After listening to my friend who shared probably a big crisis — but soon will be a blessing, definitely — she has experienced yet, I have few questions I wish someone credible will answer:

1. What does it take to be called a “Christian”?
2. Do you already have the right to judge a person if you know the word?
4. Why do they have to judge?
5. Why are there some Christians who think of themselves as perfect?
6. and why are there such who think that others aren’t and will never be perfect nor forgiven; that they’d surely go to hell?
7. Why are there some workers of the church who manipulate the members and use the name of the Lord to be able to manipulate?
9. Can’t they be more careful in sharing the word?
10. Do they think God is happy with how they act?

I, for once, never questioned my relationship with the Lord. I am not righteous, nobody is. No matter how much we devote ourselves to the religion, it does not matter, because relationship is more important. God sees our faithfulness and not the people around us. God knows everything, only He has the right to judge us. I am not questioning God, because never did I question His faithfulness to me no matter how sinful and unworthy I am. I am questioning the people who seem to be having confusion when it comes to real Christianity, why be hypocrite? People may not know what’s inside you, but God do. I am not saying that I’ve never been a hypocrite, I may have been one, consciously or unconsciously and I will forever ask for God’s forgiveness for being one.¬†Be careful what to judge, you might end up judged.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone – John 8:7

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