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she is, but she’s more than that

She’s a lady, but she’s more than that.
She simplifies the difficult.
She lightens the hurt.
She smiles away the sorrows.
She fixes all the dirt.

She’s a friend, but she’s more than that.
Talk to her, she listens.
Cry to her, she stays.
Be negative, she remains positive.
In your darkest, she’ll be the day.

She’s a sister, but she’s more than that.
She knows me more than I do.
She knows what I’m up to.
She feels what I feel.
And she knows how to deal.

I love you sis. You are more than a friend, a BEST friend, a listener, a sister. You will always be one of the very people who will remain in my
heart forever. Distance is nothing, because our friendship will never end. ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY. GOD BLESS YOU, AND BE A BLESSING!

i love and miss you

i love and miss you

used my blackberry on this post.


Love, not because

    …of happiness;
    but because you chose to deal on its roughness.
    …of perfection;
    but because you chose to accept its imperfection.
    …of beauty;
    but because you chose to beautify what is ugly.

    …of security;
    but because you chose to cure the insecurities.
    …of promises;
    but because you chose to face the challenges.
    …of staying;
    but because you chose to embrace what is changing.

    love, because you love.

it’s enough when it’s enough

it’s enough when it’s enough.

it ends when it has to end.

it’s when you’re tired that you stop;

it’s when you feel that there’s this gap.

it’s when the ways has just run out;

it’s when no words can come out your mouth – 

good words can’t go out loud.

when it’s the end it will end.

when it’s enough, it is enough.


– jill b.

love is beyond loud

Your silence is loud enough;

I can hear that you are indeed tough.

Tough to face every challenges;

to see smile from your family’s faces.


Lucky I am for knowing you;

Grateful I am for having you;

Thankful I am to make you proud;

and Blessed I am for your love is beyond loud.

jill b.


you gave color to a dull cage

you gave music from a chirp that awakes

you gave life to others from all that you share

and you made me realize that life is never unfair.


I may at times find you irritating,

but never will I be happy for your leaving.

For all the years that you’ve been part of the family,

your passing broke my heart, you left us lonely.


jill b.


you are the sweetest inedible sugar in the whole wide world.  This cage will never be the same now that you’ve flown to heaven. we love you sugar, the strongest love bird I’ve ever known.


Shout at her,

and She’ll shout at you too;

long as what She’s fighting for is true.

talk behind her,

and She’ll confront you;

never will She dare stabbing backs

like people always do.


She is true, She has dignity;

but never She forgets to have humility.

She is responsible, and never odd;

She does not please people,

She always pleases God.


who is She?

you might not know

even you might not believe

that that’s what She can show.

and so to people who keep pulling her down

i can tell you now you fail,

so go and give your worst frown.


jill b.

From this day on

What I started, I will finish.

for this life will never end

without something to accomplish;

like rainbows, they will never bend

without the rain stopping;

like the children in the world

who never stop hoping.

There is never a winter without an end to summer;

and never a fall without an end to spring.

for all this, knowing this all

I know I have to answer God’s call.

He whispers that in every life’s series,

what we started, we must finish.


jill b.



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