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Playwright in the making. "You love writing tragedies because you are not afraid to face one." (Dangan, 2011)


This is my first time to participate in funruns. My brother and I took advantage of the event held here in our province Malinao, Albay to be able to enjoy the experience and help as well. While on a vacation, we were invited to join the project to be able to raise fund to support the tree-planting project to be held in July, also to be able to save the mountains of Malinao. For us first-timers, we chose to do a 3K run. it was NEVER easy. But getting to finish the run you started is worth the pains in the legs and the short of breath. It was so fun I am definitely gonna do it again! Here are some pictures.











It’s a Responsibility;
To respect one’s diversity.
It’s a Commitment;
To lead one to life’s achievement.


peeps of the 90’s this is a must-read

REMEMBER KISSES? those hard, little thingy of different colors (that smells good) we used to take care with our whole life of? well my brother would definitely remember those. He was one of the rare boys who really did believe about it’s so-called “life.” I was even the first one who gave up and concluded that there’s no way they’re alive that would lead us to having some silly arguments. kuya, if you read this, I know I’d be dead. Heh. I love you

WELL, THIS IS WHAT KIDS TODAY BELIEVE IN ABOUT KISSES A while ago, (today is January 30, 2012 at around 9:30 in the morning. Just in case you read it after this day, at least you know what time a while ago is. Heh) One of my kiddos (that’s what I call my students. Sorry for lotsa parenthetical info but this is my blog.) excitedly told me that she has kisses, and it made me feel ecstatic about it coz I never thought there’d still be kids who would be into kisses after all the gadgets kids have been really crazy about this days. and so I went to her place and see how many kisses she got. and then my expectations were not at all met. As you know 90’s peeps, kisses were really tiny and hard. but today, kisses are a bit larger and are really soft. And instead of them putting it in a container filled with powder and cotton because that’s what we should do in order for it to, well, “multiply,” they would put it in a small container filled with water in order for it to transform into fish. Now, that’d be the most bizarre info I have known of about kisses. And that would lead kids today to be more disappointed that how we would be when our kisses won’t multiply because most definitely, those things won’t ever. turn. into. A fish.

And so I went to the faculty room and shared such with full conviction to my co-teachers having assumed that they all know what I’d be telling them about and one of them had this realization: “well, Ms. Jill, that means they’re already upgraded and we’re downgraded.” yes, that would really be silly and hilarious, but hey, it’s true. Games and interests of kids, just like gadgets, upgrade. and we have to keep up.

BUT KISSES THAT TURN INTO FISH IS STILL HILARIOUSLY RIDICULOUS! C’mon people who tell kids such info, be more realistic!

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A Happy Birthday Post for My Sister from Another Mister

Today, 3rd of January, is actually a special event for me. It’s because aside from it’s the 3rd day of first month of the year, it’s my sister’s birthday. My sister from another mister. 🙂 and because it’s her special day, let me just give you guys some hint about who she is. Because, I think I kinda know her better than other of her friends do (Aside from our other sister, Cha, of course). So here, THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY MA. GILDA CARTAGENA DANGAN IS AWESOME

10. She is a pure Kabitenya.
9. Meaning, you can’t mess with her.
8. And since you can’t mess with her and we’re her friends, you can’t mess with us too. 🙂
7. She speaks her mind. whether you’re ugly, or pretty, or you look like some awful monster, or she doesn’t like you at all, she’ll say it.
6. Meaning, she’s harsh. Especially to us her friends. She’d tell if you’re already messing around or becoming too foolish about something. Sometimes, she gets into my nerves. But at the end of the day, you’ll realize she’s right.
5.HER STYLES. She’s a model, a stylist, and she really knows what she’s doing in that kind of field.
4. Despite her being a model, she’s still sassy. Jologs, you guys might not believe, but she uses this term I quote, “Plastic-labo.” She’s such a diva!
3. She knows what she wants. She won’t settle to something that’s safe. She’ll definitely go beyond her limits.
2. She won’t leave you alone. EVER. Whether you still want her beside you or not, as long as she knows you need someone to be there for you, She’ll stand by you.
1. And lastly, Simply because she is my sister. and I will always be proud of that.

Dear Sis,

I might not be telling this all the time (though I think I do), but I love you. Everytime I think of how far we’ve been through as bestfriends, I always feel blessed. I am blessed to have you and Cha. And whether you like it or not, I will always be beside you. I’m always here for you. Happy Birthday! I love you! And Please Style me!

Jill ❤

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Reality Bites.

Truly, reality bites. It stings. It doesn’t taste good. And most of the time, it sucks.

This is our second night for our project called “Tunay na Malinaonon Ako: A Christmas Carol Project 2011.” The aim of this project is actually quite different, we have chosen families who have thought life is a daily struggle, who have just enough – if not nothing. After singing, instead of them giving us something, we are the one who will give them goods for their Noche Buena. These goods actually came from many people who have donated and pledged to help make this project possible. So in my group’s behalf, thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us.

So why am I telling this?

Since we started, we were never rejected by the people we sing to. We never heard them shout “patawad.” Some even go out and try to find someone who could lend them money or food to give us. Some gets something from whatever they have to give us. And when we reveal that it’s actually us who will give them, they become so teary-eyed, yet their smiles were so beautiful.

Just a while ago, there is this man – a rich man I suppose – who thought that we were gonna sing carols to his house. I, personally never got a response I was expected. He was frowning the whole time he was talking to my uncle asking us what group we’re called. He shouted at us as if we were beggars asking for something from him. He said he was in a hurry and he has to leave and we have to make the caroling quick.

This experience I find ironic. People who literally have nothing have such beautiful hearts to still give and share what they have. People who literally have everything couldn’t even give a single smile, which actually doesn’t cost them any amount.

Reality bites. reality bites. It stings. It doesn’t taste good. And most of the time, it sucks.

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why do i love Thee?

    why do i love Thee?
    He draws a smile on my lonely face;
    He carries the burdens of my life’s race.
    He gives me my desires only He would know;
    He shows me the love that no one could show.

    why do i love Thee?
    He strengthens my weakness;
    He never looks at my ugliness.
    He created my Savior;
    and never was i ignored.

    why do i love Thee?
    He is the Beginning;
    He is the Ending.
    He is the light that shines in me;
    and that is why i love Thee.


-jill b.

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she is, but she’s more than that

She’s a lady, but she’s more than that.
She simplifies the difficult.
She lightens the hurt.
She smiles away the sorrows.
She fixes all the dirt.

She’s a friend, but she’s more than that.
Talk to her, she listens.
Cry to her, she stays.
Be negative, she remains positive.
In your darkest, she’ll be the day.

She’s a sister, but she’s more than that.
She knows me more than I do.
She knows what I’m up to.
She feels what I feel.
And she knows how to deal.

I love you sis. You are more than a friend, a BEST friend, a listener, a sister. You will always be one of the very people who will remain in my
heart forever. Distance is nothing, because our friendship will never end. ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY. GOD BLESS YOU, AND BE A BLESSING!

i love and miss you

i love and miss you

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