peeps of the 90’s this is a must-read

REMEMBER KISSES? those hard, little thingy of different colors (that smells good) we used to take care with our whole life of? well my brother would definitely remember those. He was one of the rare boys who really did believe about it’s so-called “life.” I was even the first one who gave up and concluded that there’s no way they’re alive that would lead us to having some silly arguments. kuya, if you read this, I know I’d be dead. Heh. I love you

WELL, THIS IS WHAT KIDS TODAY BELIEVE IN ABOUT KISSES A while ago, (today is January 30, 2012 at around 9:30 in the morning. Just in case you read it after this day, at least you know what time a while ago is. Heh) One of my kiddos (that’s what I call my students. Sorry for lotsa parenthetical info but this is my blog.) excitedly told me that she has kisses, and it made me feel ecstatic about it coz I never thought there’d still be kids who would be into kisses after all the gadgets kids have been really crazy about this days. and so I went to her place and see how many kisses she got. and then my expectations were not at all met. As you know 90’s peeps, kisses were really tiny and hard. but today, kisses are a bit larger and are really soft. And instead of them putting it in a container filled with powder and cotton because that’s what we should do in order for it to, well, “multiply,” they would put it in a small container filled with water in order for it to transform into fish. Now, that’d be the most bizarre info I have known of about kisses. And that would lead kids today to be more disappointed that how we would be when our kisses won’t multiply because most definitely, those things won’t ever. turn. into. A fish.

And so I went to the faculty room and shared such with full conviction to my co-teachers having assumed that they all know what I’d be telling them about and one of them had this realization: “well, Ms. Jill, that means they’re already upgraded and we’re downgraded.” yes, that would really be silly and hilarious, but hey, it’s true. Games and interests of kids, just like gadgets, upgrade. and we have to keep up.

BUT KISSES THAT TURN INTO FISH IS STILL HILARIOUSLY RIDICULOUS! C’mon people who tell kids such info, be more realistic!

used my blackberry on this post.


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