Reality Bites.

Truly, reality bites. It stings. It doesn’t taste good. And most of the time, it sucks.

This is our second night for our project called “Tunay na Malinaonon Ako: A Christmas Carol Project 2011.” The aim of this project is actually quite different, we have chosen families who have thought life is a daily struggle, who have just enough – if not nothing. After singing, instead of them giving us something, we are the one who will give them goods for their Noche Buena. These goods actually came from many people who have donated and pledged to help make this project possible. So in my group’s behalf, thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us.

So why am I telling this?

Since we started, we were never rejected by the people we sing to. We never heard them shout “patawad.” Some even go out and try to find someone who could lend them money or food to give us. Some gets something from whatever they have to give us. And when we reveal that it’s actually us who will give them, they become so teary-eyed, yet their smiles were so beautiful.

Just a while ago, there is this man – a rich man I suppose – who thought that we were gonna sing carols to his house. I, personally never got a response I was expected. He was frowning the whole time he was talking to my uncle asking us what group we’re called. He shouted at us as if we were beggars asking for something from him. He said he was in a hurry and he has to leave and we have to make the caroling quick.

This experience I find ironic. People who literally have nothing have such beautiful hearts to still give and share what they have. People who literally have everything couldn’t even give a single smile, which actually doesn’t cost them any amount.

Reality bites. reality bites. It stings. It doesn’t taste good. And most of the time, it sucks.

used my blackberry on this post.


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