I can still vividly remember when I asked my students – during our English class – to make a story and a title page of their own book. They actually enjoyed creating such wonderful pieces of literature, but I never imagined that the lesson would inspire a student to aspire to be a good author one day. I can still remember how he came to me and told me “Miss, when I grow up, I will write many books. You will be my publisher, and I will call my bookstore Ms. Jill’s bookstore.” Sweet isn’t it? One of the many priceless rewards a teacher can ever get from her student. But that does not end there, earlier, he again approached me and gave me this piece of paper where a simple story is written. I asked him if he created it on his own, or if he had read this somewhere. And with his answer, I can assume that he had at least adapted this certain story from another. I am indeed proud to say that a grade 3 student is able to create a story entitled “Things aren’t seen as they seem to be.”

note: I copied exactly what he wrote so as to respect what he created. So if there are some grammatical errors that you might see, I AM NOT POSTING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF LOOKING AT THE GRAMMAR. I am trying to tell you that kids nowadays are smart and creative, and that we can learn a lot from them. ENJOY READING!


One day, two angels was looking for a place they could shelter in for the night. They came to a very greedy family that told them to stay at the basement for the night. There was a hole in the basement wall. The two angels fixed the wall. The young angel asked “why did we help them?” The older angel said “things aren’t seen as they seem to be.”

Next day, they found an old couple. They shared everything they got. They offered them to sleep in a room. Next day, their cow died. The older angel seemed happy. The younger angel asked “Why are you so happy?” His brother said, “Things aren’t seen as they seem to be. There was a block of gold in the wall last night. We fixed it so they won’t see it. So the greedy family wouldn’t see it in the basement.” “Last night the angel of death came for the old couple. I gave it the cow instead.” The old angel said.

When the young angel was old enough, he send miracles into the world. His favorite sentence was: “Things aren’t seen as they seem to be.

(written/adapted by: Dave, A grade 3 student)

Children are born intelligent. And it is our duty, as adult, to help them build and develop such intelligence. It isn’t true that we cannot learn from them, because we can learn a lot from them.


"The Story"


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