you have to give me this shot

I finished Bachelor of Secondary Education; meaning, I am trained to teach the higher level. But then, due to some inevitable concerns, I end up handling the lower level – much, much lower. I am handling gradeschoolers, grade 3 in particular.


Right now, I am still in the process of adjusting – trying to accept that I ain’t handling the level I am used to handling, and trying to loosen up for this little kiddos. But the question here is, what makes me love this cutie little creatures? I expected teaching them would be hard, but I never expected that it would be THIS hard. But all the efforts were worth it. Why? let me see..


Q: What makes me love my fate as Grade 3 teacher?

  •  The big smiles and all the “hi ms. Jill” with great, great conviction whenever they see me somewhere inside the campus.
  • All these never-ending question that they ask me over and over and over and over again.
  • Those kids who come to me in front just to ask whatever they want, but the truth is, they just want me to know that they are there.
  • Those whom I catch passing papers where “wag mong bati si ano, pasa mo sa kabila” are written.
  • Those who ask me to put towels on their backs whenever they sweat.
  • All those fearless opinions I will never ever hear from high school students.
  • and ah, finally, the most appreciative kiddos I have ever encountered. Nothing can ever beat that.
And therefore, I can say, I am loving my fate. I love my job. It’s never easy but I won’t choose any other jobs over this. This job rocks!

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One response to “you have to give me this shot

  • Tess Bautista

    I can’t believe that you can write this good. Iam now convinced that my baby is now a grown up young teacher and a very good one at that. Keep on writing Jill and sharpen up your skills. Good job!!!!

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