something that is worth recalling

Well at least for me, this really is something worth recalling. Just yesterday (June 23, 2011), I, as part of my life now, attended to my 11:50am English class – Grade 3 level (can you just imagine how my classroom would look like having 38 pieces of grade 3 students. It is awesome!).


At 12 noon, the school will be asking everyone to pause for the 12o’clock prayer, and so when the paging system – whatever you call it – went on, everybody stood of course to give respect to the prayer. But knowing grade 3’s, they have not actually understood the essence of standing because it has been a routine in this particular school where I work for. Everyone was talking – and I couldn’t call their attention because, yeah, it was a time for silence. And so after the prayer, I let them sit and gave some sermon a teacher couldn’t resist from giving, I asked them if they know who they talk to when they pray – and they actually know. and then of course as a teacher, reminded them that silence should be observed everytime we pray because it is a time to talk to our Creator. And as soon as I told them that some of them were talking with each other, this one student of mine raised his hand and I was kind of surprised – thought he has something to ask (Whew!) – I asked him why and he told me (actually admitted) that he was one of those talking students. I was amazed and couldn’t help but commend him for being honest. Right after thanking and giving praises to him for being honest, all the others who knew they were talking raised their hands and admitted that they also did something wrong during the prayer.


Ah… the power of Very Good’s and Thank You’s. and ah, the reward of being a teacher.


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