A message from a not-an-influencial person

Because of what has been happening to our fellow pinoys in different countries, the execution in China, imprisoned OFWs for bringing prohibited drugs, stealing millions, being abused because the stay abroad is illegal, being killed and the like, I would like to make a very simple letter to both the government and my fellow Filipinos. but before I proceed, I would like to clarify that despite all the crisis, I am and will always be proud to be pinoy. God has put me in the path where He knows I will be better off with, and one of those plans is for me to be part of this precious, beautiful, and wonderful land. It’s just that, in every race in life, challenges are inevitable. And for us Filipinos, these are the challenges where God will test our faith, so please don’t get me wrong! I will now proceed to my simple letter – this might even be shorter than the introduction – in three, two… one:

DEAR GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES, I know it is very hard to lead a country; no one might even have the guts to do such public service like you guys do, but since I am a concerned citizen, let me just tell you what I’ve been observing: You tend to make resolutions on problems when it’s already worst and could hardly be solved. You are being complacent and think you could always beat the red light. Well, for a student (well, before coz I’m already a graduate – proud iskolar ng bayan, but not an activist) and an ordinary person like me, I can always do cram because no one’s going to be affected but myself. But in your case, you have such a BIG responsibility, what you do affects the whole country. So my piece of advice is most probably to think of new strategies and put it into action. Pray, because that’s the most important, and PLEASE, stop prioritizing yourselves, remember that you are doing a public service; and public service is pretty much easy to understand. Right guys? All these I just said with all due respect sirs and ma’ams! Thank you.

Yes guys, we are the government’s responsibility. But we are still responsible for our OWN actions. We can’t do things that would lead us to trouble and then blame the government for it. In all fairness, I don’t think they fail to remind us what and what not to do. But that’s still not the point, we should know what and what not to do! Just because we have our government doesn’t mean we depend ourselves – including our coconut shells – fully to them. Do not be dependent (nor foolish) to do bad things. We ain’t children anymore! Pray, because that’s the most important, and PLEASE think of your families that are most affected everytime you find yourself in trouble. The pain that you might feel may be twice, or even thrice the pain that they might feel. So guys, don’t be such a pain in the butt.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
to optimism!
to victory!

Jill (teacher, concerned citizen of the beautiful Republic of the Philippines)

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