message from the Graduate

Another chapter in my life-long novel has ended; and another chapter is to open – probably the start of the chapter named REALITY.


16 years of struggles, fun and sorrow, achievements and frustrations. 16 years of making friends and acquaintances until you finally reach the point where you know who your friends really are. 16 years to progress, to improve, to develop yourself and to know yourself better – your skills, potentials, and path.

In this 16 long years, I have encountered a lot of people who served and continually serve as God’s instruments for me to be able to see and take the path that He specifically planned and set for me. Student life is ending, Real life is approaching. God is with me, therefore, to you reality, bring it on!

I thank the Lord for all the blessings that he has showered upon me and the people around me. I have seen and felt His love for me totally, no matter what happens, He never left me. He truly is Good all the Time! Lord, You are forever praised! Lord, I thank, praise, and worship You for all the people You have planned for me to meet. I am truly blessed that I do not know if I’m still worthy, but Your love, mercy and grace make me worthy. You are just Wonderful. All these Father, I offer for Your highest Glory!

To my dearest papa and mama, thank you for raising me with love, support, care, and most especially with God’s guidance. Thank you for always reminding me that we cannot and should not please anyone but God. You have taught me that as long as I aspire, and have God in me, I will always be what I want to be. Papa, you have sacrificed a lot for us – that indeed is the most wonderful gift you can give me. I thank God for giving me a papa like you. Mama, you may think that I sometimes take your advises for granted, and that I also think that you are somewhat an “antagonist” to my life-long novel. but you are entirely wrong, you are actually the hero in this novel, without you and papa, this life-long novel will never be possible. You just made this novel worth reading – worth experiencing. I LOVE YOU! (I promise to give you both carSSSSSSSS *WINK*)

To my Kuya, I LOVE YOU! I know you know that. Thank you for my blackberry (charot). Kidding aside, thank you for being a very great kuya. I am proud I have a sweet, smart, pogi (AHERM), and supportive brother. God bless you more.


I thank the Lord for my family. All my family. You are my inspiration, because of you I have been this confident enough to face whatever challenge I may face. You gave me all the love in the world. I love you all!

I am not just blessed with family but also friends. I thank the Lord for all my REAL friends. who never fail to be true to me and be with me through thick and thin. For always believing in what I can do. I love you guys.

To my teachers, mentors, and advisers, I know God has chosen you for me to better know Him and what life is all about. I didn’t just learned academics, but life learnings which are more important than any other. Thank you sirs and ma’ams! I salute you. I fell in love with the teaching profession because of you.


As I open another chapter in this life-long novel, I pray that God will continue to be with me as my strength, wisdom, and guide so that I can survive the challenges of reality. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


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Playwright in the making. "You love writing tragedies because you are not afraid to face one." (Dangan, 2011) View all posts by jillianfaith01

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