Japan quake: A wake-up call

Today, 11th of March 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit several cities of Japan which has led to massive 13-foot tsunami waves. This was being considered as one of the strongest earthquakes recorded, it has destroyed lots of properties and lives in Japan. After this horrible disaster, 20 countries have received tsunami alerts including the Philippines amid the Japan quake.

If we are all aware of what is currently happening to our country – which I hope everyone is actually aware – the Japan quake isn’t just the disaster experienced this year alone. Tensions in different parts of the world – Libya, Egypt, Saudi, and other countries in middle east, Earthquakes in different countries such as New Zealand, China, Chile, etc and other unusual happenings no one can actually explain why.

Scientifically, such natural disasters can be the effect of the so-called global warning; wherein human activities cause the world to be in danger that lead to natural disasters. But what about the tensions? All the violence that happens almost everywhere? In this case, I believe that all these isn’t just a “co-incidence,” these may not be all, I believe that God has a message through this all. He wants us to keep our faith to Him as He keeps His faithfulness to us. We should always be ready whatever happens. and never forget to hold on to God, and keep Jesus Christ in our hearts. He wants us to know that we have Him and no one else to save us and heal us and protect us.

God Heals. God saves. God protects.

God will never leave nor forsake us.

God is our refuge.


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