“ASK and it shall be given to you” – Matthew 7:7

After listening to my friend who shared probably a big crisis — but soon will be a blessing, definitely — she has experienced yet, I have few questions I wish someone credible will answer:

1. What does it take to be called a “Christian”?
2. Do you already have the right to judge a person if you know the word?
4. Why do they have to judge?
5. Why are there some Christians who think of themselves as perfect?
6. and why are there such who think that others aren’t and will never be perfect nor forgiven; that they’d surely go to hell?
7. Why are there some workers of the church who manipulate the members and use the name of the Lord to be able to manipulate?
9. Can’t they be more careful in sharing the word?
10. Do they think God is happy with how they act?

I, for once, never questioned my relationship with the Lord. I am not righteous, nobody is. No matter how much we devote ourselves to the religion, it does not matter, because relationship is more important. God sees our faithfulness and not the people around us. God knows everything, only He has the right to judge us. I am not questioning God, because never did I question His faithfulness to me no matter how sinful and unworthy I am. I am questioning the people who seem to be having confusion when it comes to real Christianity, why be hypocrite? People may not know what’s inside you, but God do. I am not saying that I’ve never been a hypocrite, I may have been one, consciously or unconsciously and I will forever ask for God’s forgiveness for being one. Be careful what to judge, you might end up judged.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone – John 8:7


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