ANGEL OF DEATH (A one-act play)

Part of my course is to be able to make a one-act play; and after weeks of revising and conceptualizing, I have come up with this script. This script has followed a process – from coming up with a good BDS – Basic Dramatic Situation to the storyline to its plot. So I can confidently say that I did not copy any other materials nor movies, plays or the like. Basically, this is all about family, love, and decisions. Is love enough to make good decisions? or is family a good basis for a good decision? will a single decision affect the relationship between the family? please read further, comment for this is very important for me to write better, and most importantly, enjoy. THIS IS FINAL MANUSCRIPT. ❤ just in case you readers find this interesting, please don't leave my page without any feedback. and if ever you like a copy, I will be very happy to share this to you but just please inform me first. I treasure this work because this is my first ever and I am not sure if I can still make another. LOL thank you! ❤


Angel of Death

A one-act play

by Jillian Faith B. Bautista



–         34 years old.

–         good-looking, tall, neat and an average man.

–         He is not capable of making decisions, that’s why he likes more mature women because he has insecurities when it comes to decision-making.

–         He knows that he is the head in the family that’s why he still tries to act tough although he usually ends up following what his wife has to say.

–         He loves his only son so much and he can do anything just for his sake but he finds it hard to prove to his wife his love for his son. He thinks that he still needs to prove his fatherhood to his wife.

–         He is aware about what is acceptable and not acceptable, but when it comes to his family, especially his son, he tends to ignore those things. His son is his weakness.


–         39 years old

–         Mid-built, not that beautiful. Her wit is what made her husband marry her. She is mature enough to make decision, no matter how tough those decisions may be.

–         She never runs out of ways, her experience made her a tough woman. She came from a poor family. She was the breadwinner then.

–         She’s born to be a leader. People, even her husband, look up to her. She can easily manipulate others if she wants to, but she is slaved by her love for his only son. When it comes to his son, she does whatever it takes for him, whether right or wrong.



At Marlo and Lorena’s house

Around 5:00 in the afternoon


(Lorena enters and she sees Marlo resting on their couch. There are pieces of newspaper on the floor as if Marlo was looking for something in it. Lorena smiles as she stares at Marlo for a while, but her smile didn’t last, as if she realized something very serious. She approaches Marlo, she is about to kiss him when Marlo suddenly moves. Marlo wakes up and looks surprised when he sees Lorena. He fixes and compiles the newspapers right away)

LORENA: Why are you on the couch? What is this mess all about?

MARLO: (he looks for the right words to answer Lorena but it seems like no word comes from his mouth) A – I – w- why are you here? Who’s with Angelo in the hospital? You should have called me first before you left so I could watch over him.

LORENA: I asked the nurse there to watch over Angelo for a while. I just dropped by to check on you before I go to the drugstore. (pauses for a while) You weren’t answering my question, what’s with the newspapers? Are these current? (Checks on the date on the newspaper, finds out that the newspapers are current issues) Marlo, can’t you see how much we are in need of money? I told you not to spend much – or even little for unnecessary things. (Lorena realizes that Marlo shouldn’t be at home) Wait, I thought we agreed that you should look for a job? That’s the reason why you’re not in the hospital to watch over Angelo, you should look for a job or at least money for his medication. He is  –

MARLO: (Marlo seems pre-occupied, he didn’t actually hear whatever Lorena is saying) How is he?

LORENA: (sighs) in pain. He was not able to take his medication today. The doctor said I should pay our last bill first before he proceeds to his chemotherapy. But you know our Angelo, that brave little child, if I weren’t her mother I won’t notice that he’s in pain. (Lorena smiles for a bit, she seems to be avoiding herself from crying)

MARLO: (Marlo looks pressured, he sighs) Lorena, these newspapers, I – I was scanning for jobs I can possibly apply for; I might be lucky this time. But I think my luck’s not really that good today.

LORENA: (straight face) I already made a way for Angelo’s medication this week. But you know it ain’t enough and I don’t know where to find money after this. (sighs) Every time we’re in this situation, I still wonder why’d you have to quit from your last job; that could’ve been a great help to sustain Angelo’s medication.

MARLO: (Marlo’s voice gets louder, as if he is defending himself) Lorena, you already know why. I wanna be with my son. I wanna take care of him. I want him to feel that he has a father, that I’m a good father to him. I want to prove to you that –

LORENA: (sarcastically) Do you think not having a job makes you a good father now, Marlo?

MARLO: What do you want me to do huh, Lorena? God knows I am doing everything to make m –

LORENA: (whispers to herself) But you still can’t find ways so it doesn’t matter. (Marlo heard what Lorena said)

MARLO: It doesn’t matter?! What am I here now a –
(Lorena leaves, heading to their room to get some clothes for Angelo. Lorena did not notice that Marlo is greatly offended by her statement. Marlo is about to shout at Lorena but the phone suddenly rings)


(Marlon picks up the phone)

MARLO: Hello? Who is this? Yes, yes this is he. A job? For a hundred thousand?! What kind of job is this? What?! No! no! I can do it. Certainly! Yes… yes I am accepting the job. (Lorena enters, she is holding a bag with clothes in it. She sees Marlo talking on the phone, she places the bag on the table as she tries to ask Marlo who he is talking to through sign language.  Marlo ignores Lorena) Alright, I’ll wait for your call. Thank you. (hangs up the phone)

LORENA: who is that?

MARLO: (trying to shift the conversation) It doesn’t matter.

LORENA: (offended) Well it does matter to me because –

MARLO: (shouts) You think you’re only the one who has the right to answer me it does not matter? Now how do you feel hearing such a sarcastic statement as it does not matter?!

LORENA: Marlo, will you please for once stop acting like a child?! You know very well that what I am trying to say is that —

MARLO: Is what?! That I am a stupid father? That I can’t do anything for my own son?! That I always depend on what you can do? You don’t question me as a father Lorena; you know how much I love my son. You know I can do anything for him!

LORENA: (becomes calm) No one is telling you that you are not a good father. Everybody here knows that you are a good fa –

MARLO: (Marlo’s voice turns louder) everybody except you! (gasps for air, as if he can’t breather because of his anger; speaks more calmly) You always make me feel as if I am the worst father a child could ever have. Because you are the smart one! You have your ways, and you never need me!

LORENA: Marlo you know that that is not true! You know what?! I don’t need an argument right now because I have a sick son waiting for me. Now if you are still going to continue this – this (finding the right words) immature and non-sense argument be my guest! But my son is more important than this. (Lorena is about to leave but she stops and looks at Marlo) I know how hard this situation is for you Marlo, but it’s not just you who finds it hard. This is hard for me too.

(Marlo didn’t say anything, Lorena tries to approach Marlo but Marlo avoids her.  Lorena just smiles and leaves, but she didn’t notice that she left Angelo’s bag)


(Marlo looks at the window and checks if Lorena’s already gone. He sits down on their couch. Breathes deeply. He stands up and approached a drawer, he opens the drawer and picks up a gun. He reloads the gun and places it at the back of his pants)

MARLO: (whispers to himself) anything for Angelo, anything.

(The phone rings again. Marlo stares at the phone. He seems to be confused if he will answer the phone or not. After 7-10 rings, he picks up the phone) He – Hello? Y – yes, this is Marlo. I – (breathes deeply and closes his eyes) I did not change my mind. I am doing the job. How can I be sure that you are paying? Very well. Go ahead, I am listening. A woman – spotted at a pharmacy, yes I am taking note. She’s wearing gray top and jeans – h – has pearl earrings, heart necklace? Y-yes I get it. Mid-built, long black hair. Yes I can now picture it. (pauses for a while, closes his eyes and sighs) When am I going to kill her? Before the day ends?! No- no I’m doing it. Any more clue?

(Before Marlo recites the last description, Lorena enters. Marlo stares at Lorena and he looks stunned, as if he has just seen a ghost)


MARLO: (on the phone) A ring on her right. (Marlo drops the phone on the ground, still staring at Lorena)

LORENA: (puzzled) What’s wrong? Who are you talking to? (Lorena puts down the medicines she bought. Marlo slowly picks up the phone and hangs it up)

MARLO: I never notice you wearing our wedding ring.

LORENA: (smiles, thinking that Marlo already feels better) I always wear our wedding ring, (Lorena notices that Marlo seems to be anxious) Marlo. Wh-what’s wrong? Are you okay? Is this still about earlier? Look, I realized how hard I’m becoming to you. I’m sorry for being too hard on you. Marlo, I know how much you love our Angelo and that really is what making you a good father. You don’t have to prove that to anyone because you are the best father any child could ever have; Angelo would tell that to you. Okay?

MARLO: (Marlo seems that he does not hear even a word from Lorena, he just keeps on staring at their wedding ring that Lorena is wearing. He seems to be breaking down but he still tries to keep hold of himself) That – that ring is really beautiful on you.

LORENA: (Lorena notices Marlo’s anxiousness) Marlo? Are you okay? You seem to be –

MARLO: (speaks abruptly) Who will you choose between me and Angelo?

LORENA: what? Marlo – what are you talking a –

MARLO: Who will you choose between me and Angelo? If – if you really have to choose between your son and I. who are you going to choose Lorena?

LORENA: Marlo, you know for the fact that Angelo should be given the chance to see this world. Angelo should be given that chance. Angelo deserves to have that chance. You know that, don’t you?

(Marlo breaks down. He weeps like a child who lost his favorite toy, he goes down on his knees weeping. Lorena, who is still puzzled with Marlo’s behavior, approaches Marlo. She embraces him, trying to keep Marlo calm; she lovingly rubs Marlo’s back to calm him down.)

What’s wrong, darling? What is happening to you? (She holds Marlo’s face) Talk to me, please talk to me.

MARLO: (still weeping) I don’t know what to do, Lorena. I don’t know. The phone call; it – it was from – from a man who’s offering me a job and I can earn a lot from this job, and I can support Angelo’s medication. But this man is asking me to kill this woman; this – this woman who is in great debt with them and they d – doubt if she could still pay so they want her dead. (whispers to himself) a great debt, all for Angelo’s medication. (weeps even louder) Lorena, th – they are asking for too much. They are asking me to kill my own wife. To kill you my Lorena!

(Lorena pauses, surprised for what she just heard from Marlo. She does not utter any word. She can’t even manage to cry. She just pauses. Marlo embraces Lorena, he is still weeping. Lorena gets away from Marlo’s embrace, she kneels in front of Marlo who is still weeping and holds the gun from Marlo’s back; she got Marlo’s gun when he was embracing her. Marlo is stunned to see Lorena holding his gun)

MARLO: Lorena, wh-what are you doing? Give me the gun for Christ’s sake Lorena! Give me that gun!

(Lorena smiles as if she has accepted her fate. She places the gun on Marlo’s hand as she holds his hand with the gun in it. Lorena directed Marlo’s hand with the gun against her chest; Marlo is stunned)

No – no! Lorena don’t do this! Please stop it. Stop it!

(Finally, tears fall from Lorena’s eyes but she is still smiling)

LORENA: I love my life Marlo. I loved it more because of you and our son. But I love Angelo more. This – is just right, because mothers can die for their child – just like fathers who can kill for their child.

(Lorena holds the trigger)

MARLO: Lorena – Lorena s – stop!

(As the gunshot rings, lights turn off. Marlo screams in agony as the light fades in. Marlo is seen holding Lorena’s dead body. He is weeping.)

Lorena! What have you done! What have I done? (The phone rings again. Marlo slowly picks up the phone.)

H – hello? Yes, this is he. Who is this? Nurse? Y- yes? How’s Angelo? W – what?! H – he didn’t make it?! It can’t be. A – are you sure? (Marlo looks stunned. He slowly hangs up the phone as he goes to Lorena’s body and weep)

Lorena, did you hear that? Angelo – our Angelo chose to be with you. (weeps) What have I done? I thought blood is thicker than water. What – have I done?! (weeps loudly)







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13 responses to “ANGEL OF DEATH (A one-act play)

  • eduardo

    how did you manage to come up with this kind of a story? very dramatic, very touching, and very sad. Life in our country is really full of dramas, i think we better touch stories thats a little bit inspiring even it has drama in it, but this is good Jill, can’t say anything less. Good job

    • jillianfaith01

      I was thinking of making an unusual story, people won’t be able to predict what will happen unless they read it til the end. And I am not really a fan of comedy, papa – comedies like putting up a happy ending, etc. I want it to be something realistic, this can happen in real life. and in real-life, not everything has happy endings. I think that’s also inspiring in a way wherein people will realize that whatever happens “kapit sa patalim” will never be a solution to a problem, and that can really make you dead – physically, or worst you’re alive but dead inside just like what happened to Marlo. thanks for reading papa koo! iloveyou

  • eduardo

    one thing more my Jillian, I think your title of the story has already been used in one of the movies made in Hollywood, so I suggest you think of a different title. I have one suggestion; title – “Angelo”

  • Ann

    “This – is just right, because mothers can die for their child – just like fathers who can kill for their child.”

    playwright ka na nak! dramatist pa. ^_^ couldn’t say how proud i am of you. :)))

    ang ganda nung line na na-quote ko from ur play. made me think, “what’s right” and made me realize na “righteousness is relative”.

    ang ganda ng contrast ng characterization ni Lorna and Mario. pati how they act. :))) love it!

  • Elvira Espinoza

    Jill, this is a short but powerful message, I hardly could wait to get to the end! Congratulations! You should should keep writing.


    Elvira Espinoza.

  • Gilda Dangan

    Nice sis! very pleasant!!!!:) i just read this!! bravo!! more!:)

  • Earl Leifr Erikson

    A+ Work!
    Two thumbs up!
    Keep Up The Good Work!

  • eduardo

    your reply to my comment was well said, this is is one instance that you can learn from young minds like you, keep it up baby kooo

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