A one-act play in the making

I will be writing a one-act play as part of our playwriting course. But this is not just a requirement for me. I am taking this as a challenge, a break, a chance for me to be able to prove myself that I, indeed, can write.


FIRST UP: The Storyline


A hired killer discovered that he is about to kill his own wife.


A man was paid to kill a woman who was in a great debt with them. Knowing that he will be able to earn a lot that will help him save his dying son, he agreed to do the job right away as he wanted to prove to his wife that he is and he can be a good father. No specific information about the target was given to him for the masterminds wanted to keep the “project” confidential, and so this man has to follow traces that will lead him to his target. As he solve the mystery, he discovered that his target was indeed, his own wife. Having the greatest dilemma he could ever be in, he asked his wife whom she’ll choose between him and their son if time comes that she’ll need to choose. His wife spontaneously answered that she’ll choose their son for their son still has a lot to see and experience in this world. The man, confused about his decision, revealed to his wife the job that he has to accomplish, his wife smiled, held his hand with a gun in it and pointed the gun against her chest. A gunshot was heard.


jill b.


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Playwright in the making. "You love writing tragedies because you are not afraid to face one." (Dangan, 2011) View all posts by jillianfaith01

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