TOP 10 Things I Learned from Practice Teaching

10. Students would really try to piss you off.
9. If you become pissed, they win. You lose. And that will forever be the game.
8. Despite that fact, students still are eager to learn.
7. STRATEGIES are important, regardless their level. So treat them as if they’re still little kids, just don’t make it obvious.
6. Make sure that they won’t find out that you’re conducting the same lesson for the past week. (And then read no. 7)
5. Be kind. [And then be mean.] And then be nice. [And then be mean] and then smile. Be unpredictable.
4.LIMITS. Secure your position towards them. You are their teacher. Work on that.
3. INSPIRE THEM. Show them how great it is to finish studies despite the fact that we know how hard school is.
2. LOVE YOUR JOB. Nobody will ever appreciate you if you won’t appreciate what you’re doing.
1. PATIENCE is MORE THAN a VIRTUE. It is the 1st teaching commandment. Without it you won’t survive. It should always be present. Because if not, you won’t do a good teacher.

Yes, this is from my experience. And yes, I will be a teacher.

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