31st of October

It’s already the last day of October. People are preparing their costumes as they imitate people (or monsters, rather) and attend parties wherever they may be invited to. Rush- shopping, costume-choosing, bags of candies all prepared in case someone knocks and whisper the most famous line whenever this particular day (or night) comes:

Trick or Treat?”

Horror films are also one of the essentials every 31st – to add more to the scare factor everyone is trying to achieve. Monsters, Ghosts, Evil Spirits, Zombies, and all the likes are the main star for the night – because, as what they say, it is indeed their night. It is the 31st of October, the perfect night to transform and be one scary (or weird) creature.

As for me, I never actually tried to attend such parties because one: Halloween parties here in the Philippines are usually for people who are well-off. and two: I am quite coward and I’m not really into such activities. I still have the third – and probably the most important – reason why I  never tried to engage to such activity.

Halloweens have become a tradition to many wherein they consider this holiday to be the day of the dead, and so for them to be able to give tribute they imitate them.  I actually don’t agree with this tradition – if this is considered as one. For me, what most people should do is to peacefully remember their loved ones who have passed on and pay tribute through prayers. I believe that when one does an activity evil enjoys to see, it will dwell on it and starts deceiving people. And in this case, I think this particular activity has become one way for the evil to do such deceit. Let us always remember that whatever we do, we must do for God’s glory, and I don’t think engaging to such activity gives Glory to our Father.


I hope you get the message. Pardon me for some grammatical errors – if ever you find one. I just typed everything that’s on my mind at the time. thank you and God bless you more. ❤



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