Basyang 071410

No power. No water. No Life.

This is what i’ve realized after being hit by typhoon basyang that resulted to general outage, both of power and water. we couldn’t move; we couldn’t even cook because we don’t have enough source of water.

Basyang hit Cavite and started giving out strong winds at around 1 o’clock in the morning – 14 June 2010 – and lasted for about an hour or two. winds are very disturbing. It was as if parts of our home were blown away. I was waking up from time to time because of strong winds outside. Basyang , generally, was one terrifying typhoon.

From that time, An outage happened in major areas in the country. Everything seemed to be back to the primitive times. No water, no power. You have to do something to produce it, because it wasn’t doled out anymore. These are the times when I realized a lot of things. This generation really is already dependent, dependent to what is given by the technology. I was thinking:

how did the primitive people ever survive life without sure resources? How did they ever survive without depending on technology? and How did they ever survive without their needs being doled out to them?

No power. No water. No life. Is this what our generation is all about now? Be safe. God bless the Philippines.☆

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