for my father…

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” ~ Billy Graham, Christian Evangelist

My father is the best father in the whole world! I have a million reasons why but I am only giving you ten reasons why I said so. I love you dad! and You are really the best father, even without Father’s Day to remember.

ONE, it is simply because he is Eduardo M. Bautista. TWO, He is responsible. he transformed for his family. He never fail to make us feel happy and safe and loved. THREE, He fears the Lord. and when one fears the Lord, everything follows. FOUR, He sacrificed for his family. Although it’s painful, he left us and worked abroad to be able to support us. He left when I was 1 and comes home every 2 years. He managed to work hard for us even if we’re not with him. FIVE, Unlike other fathers working abroad, he is never tempted. He is faithful to mom and to us. SIX, He is the sweetest. I am still his baby considering the fact that I am already 19. I am his Ms. Universe and his Angelina Jolie, as what he always tell me. SEVEN, He is very good in parenting. He and my mother always see to it that they are fair with me and my brother. I never felt envious with kuya and kuya with me as well. EIGHT, He has great humor! He makes us laugh every time he has the chance to. NINE, he knows how to discipline us without the need to hurt us. and TEN, He loves us. wholeheartedly.

Papa, I may not be able to make you feel this, but I love you and mama so much. And as I grow old, I promise you that I will take care of you and mama, and return all the love and care that I and Kuya have received from you. I love you, always. You are the best dad in the world!


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