talking about being a teacher

I am never a fan of teachers. I actually pity them because of the headache their students bring them, and because they don’t have lives anymore. I never think teachers love their jobs, because for me they just teach to earn; Teaching is something they NEED to do and not LOVE to do. All the things cited above are my thoughts about the teaching profession… BEFORE.

When I was in 4th year Highschool, I was very much confused on what to take up for college. I wanna do a lot of things that time. I want to take Tourism, Information Technology, Business Administration, Music, etc. but taking up Education was never in my list, and guess what: I am now in my last year as an Education student.

As I entered the Philippine Normal University, the National Center for Teacher Education (and yes, I AM PROUD), I was in doubt. I doubted about my performance as a student and I doubted about my future, simply because I didn’t like the path I was taking at the time. But my life isn’t really in my control, it’s in God’s. And if God takes the wheel of your life, all you have to do is to trust Him. I accepted my fate God has set for me, and now I am really proud to say that I will soon be teaching. I will soon be touching lives and hearts of my future students. I will soon be imparting what I learned from my field, the Speech and Theater Arts.

As I studied the teaching field for almost 4 years now, I realized that teaching isn’t really that easy. Yes, it is hard and I won’t lie about that. But the moment you start loving the profession and dedicating yourself to it, every hardship will be worth it. Teaching isn’t just a noble profession, but the best profession in the world I may say. Professionals will never be professionals without teachers. Take it from a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Speech and Theater Arts student.

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron. ~Horace Mann


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2 responses to “talking about being a teacher

  • Tess Bautista

    Nice one, Jill. Your realizations of becoming a teacher soon is very touching. Yes, the teaching profession is such a noble one. There could never be great men with teachers. I am truly happy that you are making good in your studies. We may not be able to provide you materially but we know that you will be inheriting from us the best inheritance in the world, EDUCATION.. it could never be lost nor stolen. It will be with you, you will own it for life.

  • Tess Bautista

    Erratum: There could never be great men WITHOUT (not with) teachers…

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