i wanna love writing.

i seriously do not know why i signed up to this kind of social networking -or is this actually considered a social networking site? whatever it is, i still don’t get why the heck did i sign up in this. I honestly am not good in writing -I only write when it’s for grades- but I am pretty interested in writing my thoughts (more practice is what i need, I bet). I guess i am inspired by one celebrity whom i’ve been following in twitter; I enjoy reading her blogs and i thought i need (or just want) to have my own. I just hope all my writings will have sense that people would have interests to read them. I would really appreciate comments. Tell me if it’s good or bad and give some suggestions all kinds of comments -as long as it’s related to my blogs- will be very welcome and appreciated (just don’t be THAT harsh). THAT’S IT! i have my own blog! YAY! 🙂


About jillianfaith01

Playwright in the making. "You love writing tragedies because you are not afraid to face one." (Dangan, 2011) View all posts by jillianfaith01

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